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Dogeminer 2: Back 2 The Moon

A story-based clicker game that is played in the web browser on PCs, tablets, and phones (Free to Play with advertisements outside the game area - which can be completely ignored). The game has idle/incremental aspects, inspired by the genre defining game Cookie Clicker. There is a cloud save feature that works by logging in with Google.

In Dogeminer 2: Back 2 The Moon™ the player is Doge, the not-dead-yet meme dog. The first objective is to mine and break rocks for the ingame currency "Ðogecoins" (not to be confused with the real life cryptocurrency) in order to get to The Moon. The broken rocks also drop loot containers which may contain more dogecoins, dogediamonds or improved items such as pickaxes and fortunes that boost stats and/or increase income or "ÐPS" - Ðogecoins Per Second. Using the help of Mining Shibes, Doge Kennels, Slave Kittens and many other "helpers" plus upgrades and stats, the players automatically generated income increases (the idle aspect) and the game can be played either actively or passively.

There is offline mining but with caveats: while offline, helpers mine at lower efficiency and only up to 48 hours. Also, as a worthy note, being a free browser game and relying on Google services for cloud saving (3rd party), some players may experience issues with this as not all browsers and operating systems are created equally. The game will display a message if it had problems connecting to the service.

While the game is the second in the Dogeminer 'series', it was first meant to be an update to the the original game (titled "Dogeminer - The Dogecoin Mining Simulator"). However, over time the update became so different that it was released as a standalone.


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